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Rabbi Miriam Spitzer - Interim Rabbi

Dear Friends,

A memory-challenge: What was something that happened over the course of my tenure here at TBE that struck you as funny? What was something that moved you or that you found compelling? What is something that made you think?

It has been quite the year.

I am leaving feeling that I have made a difference to this congregation in the months that I have been here. I am profoundly grateful for the people I have met and the relationships we have forged, for the Torah I have taught and the things I have learned, for comfort I have been able to give and for the joys we have shared. We came a long way in this year.

Last night someone asked me what most surprised me about this year, besides for COVID-19.  Coming in as an interim rabbi by design, I was unprepared for how difficult it is to leave you all behind.

I am moving to Temple Israel in Scranton, PA. Not only is that not so far away, it is on the way to NYC, among other places. Please stay in touch and if you are passing through, give a shout. You can continue to reach me at and my contact information also will be in the TBE book and available from the synagogue office. May we all go from strength to strength.

Rabbi Miriam T. Spitzer

Tue, October 19 2021 13 Cheshvan 5782