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Event Planning Form

Section A: Contact Information for Event
Section B: Event Information
Please enter an alternative date if your first choice is not available.
You may specify that an event is BOTH in person and requires Zoom.
Please provide setup details, including classroom needed if specified.  Also include details of any tech equipment needed.  If you plan to use the kitchen, please note that cleanup must be arranged BEFORE the event.
Section C: Publicity
Enter date for email #1
Enter date for email #2
Please upload any files to help with publicity such as email content, press releases, or other relevant material.
Section D: Financials
Please enter proposed charges for event, meals, discounts, etc.  Please also specify if you want online payments, and where the funds should be collected.  Please be sure to notify the Temple treasurer if online payments will be used.
Please enter cost structure (i.e. per person, max per family, age groups, etc...)
Section E: Admin Fields
Until further notice, all in person events will require board approval.
Wed, February 1 2023 10 Shevat 5783