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Adult Education with Rabbi Safman & Rabbi Brody

Halakha and the Art of Communal Prayer

For more than two thousand years the Jewish world has been trying to understand what makes prayer “work”, not just as an exercise for the individual reaching towards God, but for a group of people doing so in tandem.  In this class we will explore the ways in which Jewish laws relating to prayer serve (counterintuitively) as the basis for community-building, providing a  framework within which worshippers of diverse backgrounds and needs can come together to engage in a meaningful spiritual exercise.

Please join us for this thought provoking series!  You will find more information and a link to participate on our Adult Education page HERE



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We welcome the arrival of Rabbi Rachel Safman!
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    Rabbi Rachel Safman – Congregational Rabbi
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Tue, October 19 2021 13 Cheshvan 5782