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In-Person Guidelines

June 29, 2021

Guidelines for In-Person Indoor Services and Events

A copy of the latest in-person guidelines can be downloaded HERE.  The guidelines as approved by the Temple Beth-El Board of Trustees are as follows:

  1. Number of attendees will be limited for indoor services and events to 50% capacity of the Sanctuary space, or approximately 100 people.
  2. Attendees who are not on the TBE membership list should register their names and contact details in advance of an event or should bring these details in written form (for tracking purposes).
  3. Except for persons currently leading the service (see item #10), all attendees will remain masked during the service.
  4. Attendees who are vaccinated will be encouraged to sit in the middle section, where social distancing will not be required.
  5. Unvaccinated attendees and their household members or others who want to maintain social distancing will be seated in the side sections, the atrium, or the balcony, where they will be expected to socially distance by household.
  6. All attendees will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer when entering the building.
  7. Attendees will be asked not to hug or shake hands, and to maintain social distancing before, and after services or events.
  8. The choreography of religious services will be adapted to minimize social contact (abbreviated processional/recessional, no congregation of unrelated persons around the Torah, reduced honors). Hagbah/Gelilah and ark-opener/Torah bearer pairs will be from the same household whenever possible.  
  9. Events will be abbreviated to try to keep the time spent together in an indoor space to about 2 hours.
  10. Speakers, readers, leaders, and honorees may be unmasked while on the bimah or at the scroll.  Those who are eligible to be unmasked must be fully vaccinated or have tested negative within 48 hours prior to the event.
  11. No food will be served at services or events.  Personal water bottles may be brought into the Sanctuary.
  12. If an attendee is not feeling well, running a fever, or showing any COVID symptoms, they will not be allowed into the event.
  13. An usher will be present to monitor attendees for all services.  This is a continuation of a policy already in place before in person services were suspended.
  14. Virtual attendance will remain an option for all persons preferring this to in-person attendance and will be required of persons with COVID symptoms or without tracking details recorded.

Additional Guidelines for In-Person Outdoor Services and Events

  1. Unless otherwise specifies, the policies for outside events will be the same as those for indoor events, with attendance caps (if any), masking and distancing protocols dictated by the venue at the rabbi's/co-presidents' discretion.
  2. If prayer books and a Torah Scroll are to be used, a plan must be in place to protect these from inclement weather.
  3. If food consumption is planned in conjunction with an outdoor event (either catered or self-provided, picnic-style), the Board will be informed at least two weeks in advance.


Wed, December 1 2021 27 Kislev 5782