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TBE’s membership committee is focused on the crucial task of welcoming new members to our community and expanding our current membership. We are eager to connect with those in the Ithaca community interested in joining our special synagogue. In an effort to do so, we have put in place a number of initiatives designed to enhance our outreach to new members. For example, the Beth-El Partners initiative assists new members in connecting with others within the community. In addition to new initiatives, the committee has continued our tradition of hosting TBE’s annual end of summer picnic, which provides a nice opportunity to celebrate our community and introduce new members.

As part of our efforts to expand membership, TBE’s board recently revised our dues structure with the goal of providing an opportunity to explore the many benefits of joining our community. The new structure establishes two new membership categories-- members under the age of 39 and new members. Each of these categories will have a reduced dues rate with gradual increases to the standard rate.

  • Members under the age 30 would have an annual dues rate of $18
  • Members between the ages of 30-35 would have a rate of $180
  • Members between the ages of 36 and 39 would begin with 25% of the standard dues rate (at 36) and increase by 25% each year reaching the standard rate at age 39 and above.
  • New members over the age of 38 would have a dues rate of $18 in their first year; 50% of the standard dues rate in their second year; and a standard dues rate in subsequent years.
  • All new members will enjoy the first year of membership for a fee of $18.

A very big thank you to the hard working and dedicated Membership Committee

Please reach out to Marjorie Hoffman ( with any inquiries regarding TBE membership or other related matters.

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyyar 5784