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Funds of Temple Beth-El

The purpose of each fund is explained below.  To make a donation, click HERE.

The Rabbi Scott & Sharon Glass Endowment Fund is money that is invested for the future of the congregation, sometimes for specific purposes and sometimes for the general needs of the congregation.

The General Operating Fund is used to support the day-to-day expenses of the congregation.

The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund supports various charitable causes inside and out of the community.  It also provides support for special programming within the synagogue.  Additionally, but not incidentally, funds are used to assist individuals in need.

The Rabbi Felix Aber Religious School Fund supports the operation of our religious school.

The Adult Education Fund provides support for sponsoring scholars-in-residence as well as the general program of adult education classes and lectures provided throughout the year.

The Arts Committee Fund  provides support for the activities of the Fine Arts Committee, which includes the annual Evening of Jewish Storytelling, various concerts, art exhibits, etc.

The Bebe Hoffman Memorial Garden Fund supports the maintenance and improvement of our award winning synagogue garden.

The Benjamin and Rachel Siegel Campership Fund provides scholarships for young people to participate in Jewish camps, USY events, trips to Israel, etc.

The B'Yachad Jewish Preschool Fund supports the operation of Ithaca's Jewish Preschool.

The Capital Improvement Fund is used to maintain and improve our buildings.

The Capital Replacement Reserve Fund is to provide the necessary funds for significant capital replacement projects, such as replacing roofs, boilers, etc.

The Caring Committee Fund provides the meal of consolation after a burial, as well as supplies and foods during shiva services. It also may provide occasional assistance to congregants in times of need.

The Forsheit Fund for Professional Development was established by Carrie and Joe Regenstein in memory of Samuel and Nettie Forsheit to provide support for the training and enrichment of our professional staff, specifically our teaching staff.

The Hevra Kadisha Fund supports the activity of the Hevra Kadisha, the congregation’s holy burial society, providing for the purchase of necessary materials and occasionally, for the assistance of families.

The Jonathan Zall Memorial Scholarship Fund provides support for a scholarship for study in Israel, with preference given to graduate students.

The Oneg-Kiddush Fund provides for collations after services on Shabbat and holidays.

The Prayer Book Fund can be designated for the purchase of Siddur Lev Shalem, Mahzor Lev Shalem, for Humash Etz Hayim (the Pentateuch) or for the purchase/repair of other volumes related to the liturgy.

The Ralph Marvin Religious Fund provides support for the congregation’s ritual needs, e.g. the repair of Torah scrolls, purchase of kippot, talitot, tefillin, and the like.

The Refugee Sponsorship Fund provides temporary assistance to newcomers to our area who are experiencing crises in their native countries.

The Rudolf Schwarz Memorial Fund helps to provide religious school scholarships for needy students and supports the annual presentation of a special award to deserving students, Bar/Bat Mitzvah age and older.

The Youth Group Fund helps to support the monthly expenses of running the three youth programs we sponsor: Maccabiahs 3,4,5; Kadima, and USY.

Ventiliation for the Social Hall will help to offset costs to provide extra ventilation in the downstairs Social Hall as we begin to plan in-person events.

Temple Dues:  You may pay your temple dues by check, credit card or ACH (electronic funds transfer from your bank account).  If you choose to pay your dues with a credit card, a 3% convenience fee will be added to your payment automatically.  Check or ACH does not incur an extra fee.

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