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Technical Notes to Accompany TBE’s High Holiday Programming (5781)

1) Our High Holiday programming this year will be split between two “channels”, each a separate Zoom gathering. You will need to sign into each channel on a separate device or to sign out of one channel in order to “join” the other (Note: You can make this switch an unlimited number of times, but each time will need to give permissions and go through a “waiting room” for Channel B).

2) “Channel A” on which our main services and youth programming will run is configured as a Zoom webinar not a Zoom meeting. The sign on experience will be identical, however in the webinar environment most of those signed on will not be visible onscreen (though they will be listed as “attendees” in the participant list. This is not a technical malfunction but rather a deliberate facet of the software.

3) We apologize in advance for any disappointment caused by the “virtual mechitza” (barrier to contact between individuals) imposed by the webinar format. We adopted this platform -- in parallel with many other congregations around the country and the world – to prevent unwanted or malicious intrusions on our sacred proceedings and did so only having extensively investigated the options for addressing these concerns in other ways. We will be rotating which households are honored by being visible to the community at each service to be as inclusive as possible.

4) Those participating as visible “panelists” on Channel A are requested to keep their cameras on and see to it that they are audible for the recitation of prayers requiring a minyan (Barchu, Kedushah, all forms of Kaddish, the opening lines of the Shema). You can choose to mute yourself (or allow the technologist to mute/unmute you) at other times. In any case, we ask that you monitor your sound environment to prevent interference with our service.

5) The second channel (“Channel B") will operate as a monitored but interactive Zoom meeting. It will be accessible only to TBE members. Non members should call the Temple office to get the link.  When not in use for scheduled sessions, Channel B can be used as a social space in which to "kibbitz" with your friends. Feel free to schedule a time to meet other people on this channel!

6) Participants in Channel B activities are free to choose at all times if their cameras are on and if they are unmuted. We suggest that you keep your microphone muted when you are not deliberately speaking to prevent unintended interruptions (Note: If your connection is a source of intrusive noise, the technologist will mute you.)

7) For those wishing to take part in a "no touch" manner, the following apply:

  • Ensure that your device is connected to a power source and the sleep function is disabled.
  • Make sure your microphone is muted. Note: if you will be taking part (audibly) in a service or program, you will need to give the technologist (meeting host) the ability to unmute you without your assistance.
  • To access both channels in a no-touch fashion you will need to sign on via two different devices. Please ensure that the devices are out of audible range of one another (or that the microphone on the device connected to Channel B is covered or muted) to prevent the audio streams from merging.
  • It will be possible to sign in (once) before Erev Rosh Hashanah and stay connected (continuously) until the end of the Second Day; you can also sign in before Kol Nidrei and stay connected through Neilah.

8) Consider decorating your prayer space and setting it up with everything you need to be comfortable (tissues, water, pictures of loved ones, wine/grape juice for kiddish on Erev Rosh Hashanah, machzor!)

9) If something goes wrong – as it inevitably will at some point over the holidays – take a deep breath. If your practices allow it, try exiting meeting and rejoining. Try shutting your computer and turning it on again. Give it a few minutes. The problem might be at our end, not yours (we'll try to avoid this). Also, please be forgiving of your fellow congregants. That is the central motif of this season.

For those who do experience technical difficulties over the HHD period and feel comfortable picking up the phone (or better, sending an email or text message) to request help, our technologist Mary Jo Kelleher has made herself available to troubleshoot. "MJ" can be reached by phone/text at (607) 725-3901 or by email at

Links to access the holiday programs:

High Holiday Channel “A” (main services, family programming)
Meeting ID: 838 6597 9775
Passcode: 792580

Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782