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The Rabbi Scott & Sharon Glass Endowment Campaign 2020-2024

As explained below, the best way to support Temple Beth-El through this campaign is by making a commitment to make annual donations in each of the remaining four years, 2021 to 2024.  To commit to 4 annual donations, click HERE.

For a one time donation, click HERE.

The following describes the key points of the campaign, and explains why the best way to contribute is to commit to annual donations in each of the remaining four years, 2021 to 2024.

Overall goal: to increase TBE’s endowment by $2m over 5 years

Motivation: to secure TBE’s financial future, including by:

  • Providing $100k in annual payout  (about 15% of the revenues needed for General Operations), thereby eliminating the current budget shortfall
  • Providing a reserve fund for major capital replacement needs
  • Sustaining and enhancing temple programs

Fundraising goal:

  • To raise $100k in donations in each of the 5 calendar years
  • $104k raised in 2020, largely from the 43-for-43 fundraiser

Lead Donor Challenge:

  • Providing that the fundraising goal is achieved, anonymous lead donors will donate $1.5m
  • Essentially very generous 3-to-1 matching
  • In addition, the lead donors are donating $250k in bridge funding to sustain operations until the endowment is grown

Fundraising strategy:

  • Seek commitments from members for sustained annual donations over the remaining 4 years 2021-24
  • Seek broad member participation at all giving levels

How to make a commitment:


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