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Communal Passover Celebration
Sunday, March 28 at 7 PM

As we anticipate a Passover which, for many of us, will again be observed at a distance from family and friends, the TBE community welcomes our members, their family, friends and neighbors to join us for a virtual Communal Second Seder to be held on
Sunday, March 28, beginning at 6:30 p.m. (Note: the seder rituals will be adapted to reflect the early start time). Details of this child- and adult-friendly program, as well as instructions for preparing will be forthcoming shortly.

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Science in the Synagogue


In Praise of Chametz
Tuesday, March 30 at 7 PM

In Praise of Chametz: A Celebration of the Staple Grains and their Route to our Table

During Passover, we focus our thoughts on Chametz, the products of wheat, barley, rye, oats, and other grains that have been allowed to ferment. We think of these foods at this time of the year because they are to be removed from our homes and our diet during the Holiday. Throughout the rest of the year we enjoy Chametz. Indeed, products of the seeds (actually fruits) of various species of the grass family, including rice, corn (maize), millet, and others, are among the major major sources of food for people throughout the world. In this session of Science in the Synagogue, we will examine the importance of grasses through the course of human history, and the manner in which they have found their way into our diet, culture, and religious experience.

Presented by our own Jerry Davis, Professor Emeritus, School of Integrative Plant Science Plant Biology Section, Cornell University.

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Meeting ID: 892 5207 3948

Passcode: Science

Past Events

Passover Scavenger Hunt
March 14, 2021 at 11 AM

Join the Great Passover Scavenger Hunt!

Download the GooseChase app at and get ready to play!  Fun for all ages.

Zoom meeting ID:  884 3762 3295

Preparing Hearts and Home for Pesach
Passover Pre-Festival Workshop (In Three Acts)
March 14 at 7 PM

A Pre-Festival Workshop in Three acts join Rabbis Safman and Brody, Chefs Eric Alani, Joel Tabb and Jill Hellerman,  and song leader Tali Abraham as we help you set the stage for a joyous, moving, meaningful celebration of redemption featuring Passover customs from around the world, hints on holiday kashrut, insights into the Haggadah’s message for our time and suggestions for engaging participants of all ages.

We invite anyone interested in reviewing the details of running a seder from home – a skill that may have grown rusty during the decades you gathered at the table of your Uncle Moishe and Aunt Dalya – to join us for a short workshop on Sunday, March 14 at 7:00 p.m.  We’ll run through the basic order of ceremony, discuss what “props” you’ll want to have on hand (and how to prepare or arrange them), suggest a few easily available haggadot and (if time allows) review some favorite songs.

This workshop will lead participants through the process of conceptualizing and leading a seder ritual for their friends and family – whether in person or by Zoom -- that is inclusive, engaging and meaningful.  We’ll review some seder basics – and some not so basic dimensions of this profound rite, share some resources for personalizing your seder, talk about how to adapt elements to the needs of attendees and answer any questions about pre-Pesach koshering or other preparatory steps.

The flyer can be seen HERE.

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Meeting ID: 875 0026 1050
Passcode: seder 

Musical Passover Seder
March 21 at 10:30 AM


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Meeting ID: 884 3762 3295
Passcode: RStogether

Co-sponsored by Temple Beth-El, Tikkun v’Or, and IAUJC

Service for the First Born and Morning Minyan
Thursday, March 25 at 7 AM

SERVICE FOR THE FIRST BORN Passover Eve is a traditional fast for the first-born. It is obligatory for every first-born who cannot observe the fast to attend the special service and to participate at its conclusion in the light collation that is served. The Service for the First Born (Siyyum Bekhorim) will be held this year on Thursday, March 25, which begins at 7 AM. A study session will be conducted by Rabbi Rachel Safman, and we urge all first-born to try to attend.

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Meeting ID: 879 6652 7297
Passcode: MINYAN

Removing Chametz and Racism
Thursday, March 25 at 6 PM

Join us for an educational program on what it means to sell Chametz as it relates to today's world.  

There will be a program on the evening of Thursday, March 25 from 6-7 p.m., the Thursday before the seders.  This is the evening on which Jewish households traditionally do “Bedikat Chametz” the search for leavened products in their homes, which is also seen metaphorically as an opportunity to remove sources of distortion/distraction/self-inflation from our lives.

The presentation will pair the ritual of Bedikat Chametz with a program focusing on Racism – as a force that creates unnecessary and unwanted layers (strata) in our society, separating people from one another, raising some up (without justification) and pushing others down.  Included will be a speaker/workshop leader whose specialty is combating racism, especially within the Jewish community to talk about the connection between chametz (symbolically) and racial injustice and then to match participants from different communities (the two campuses, high school students, members of the general community) into small chavruta groups to discuss how this manifests in communities to which they belong (campus or high school communities, workplace, general community interactions, etc).

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Meeting ID: 867 9132 3633
Passcode: matzah


Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782