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Daily Schedule


Arrival (Free choice play, either in the classroom or outdoors, on our playground)

(Hands are washed upon entering the school, after toileting, before and after eating, etc.)

Yoga Time/Shabbat Party (On Fridays, the schedule is altered for our Shabbat Party, and we have a combined group time, stories, songs, and snack.)

Snack (provided by B’Yachad)

Free Choice and Table Activity (Children are able to choose from among areas in which to play and/or an enrichment activity such as art, science, etc.)

Gross Motor Play or Judaic Studies circle time

Dismissal of half day students

Lunch (Provided by families)

Limited Free Choice (Children choose activities in either the classroom or the Social Hall.)

Story Time (Faculty read books that the children select from our rotating classroom bookshelf)

Rest Time (Alternative activities are provided for children who do not sleep, after they have rested.)

Gross Motor Activity (Outdoors, weather permitting)

Dismissal of full day students

Dismissal of extended day students


Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784