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Scholar In Residence -December 15 & 16, 2023

2023-2024 Scholar-In-Residence Program #2 Renewal Judaism
December 15,16 with Hazzan Abbe Lyons
Renewal is an attitude, not a denomination, and offers tools to all branches of Judaism.
Jewish Renewal is a transdenominational approach to revitalizing Judaism.

Renewal combines the joy of Hasidism, the informed do-it-yourself spirit of the havurah movement, egalitarianism, and the accumulated wisdom of centuries of tradition.
  • Renewal values deep ecumenism; in Hillel’s words, we learn from every person and spiritual tradition.
  • Renewal creates innovative, accessible, and welcoming prayer experiences.
  • Renewal shapes halacha (Jewish law) into a living way of walking in the world.
  • Renewal seeks to deepen the ongoing, joyful, and fundamental connection, with a God who connects us  all, which is at the heart of Jewish practice.
Hazzan Abbe Lyons is dedicated to making Jewish music, learning, and practice both accessible and inspiring, in everyday life as well as at sacred times. She received s'micha as Hazzan in 2010 through ALEPH Ordination Programs.   She serves Hillel at Ithaca College and is on faculty at both Aleph Ordination Programs, and Davennen Leadership Training Institute. 
Hazzan Lyons is a writer, musician, composer, and innovative liturgist whose published work includes Jewish Liturgy: A Guide For Everyone (2022), poetry and alternative social justice haftarot, and two albums of original music.  She co-founded the SpeakChorus Torah Project in 2010.   

Weekend Schedule:
Friday Evening Dec 15:
       5:00 - 6:15PM Family Friendly drop-in dinner by reservation
                (No formal start or stop time, come when your household is ready, Kid-Friendly menu.)
       6:30PM Services led by Hazzan Abbe Lyons
     Come for a spirited Shabbat Service – Renewal Style
        7:30PM Oneg Shabbat

Saturday Dec 16:
       10:00AM Services led by Hazzan Abbe Lyons
In lieu of a traditional dvar Torah Hazzan Abbe will lead a SpeakChorus Torah Community Midrash Program* Hazzan Abbe will make the Haftarah accessible by chanting with the traditional melody, but in English.
12:00PM Lunch by Reservation
        1:00PM Talk: “What Jewish Renewal has to offer".
5:30PM: Havdalah Gathering and Musical Program: We will make Havdalah, enjoy a light meal and have a musical experience with Hazzan Abbe. Bring a pillow to sit on the floor (or sit on a chair), gather around Hazzan Abbe and her guitar, learn new tunes, sing, and experience Chasidic and Kirtan spiritual musical genres.

*We are looking for 4 – 10 individuals to work with Hazzan Abbe to prepare a “SpeakChorus Torah”
presentation, in lieu of a traditional dvar Torah.  Participants will meet with Hazzan Abbe in advance, study the Torah Reading, and write a five minute dramatic  script, and present it to the congregation during the Torah Service.  (If you would like to participate please write to

1. Registrant Information
2. Donation
Our Scholar in Residence program can only happen with your support. Please give generously.  Donations will be acknowledged in the Scholar in Residence program and the TBE Bulletin.
(Program donations cover speakers’ honorariums, travel costs, etc.)

                Donation Levels:
Benefactor            $5,000 and up                     
Patron                    $1,000 and up                     
Sustainer               $   500 and up                      
Supporter              $   100 and up                      
Contributor           $   36 - $99

3. Meal Reservations and Payment
We hope you will all join us.  Your participation will make the weekend better for everyone.
If these amounts are a financial burden, please give what you can, and please come.
Your participation is as important as your donation.

Suggested donation $12.50 per adult
Recommended $5.00 covers all the children in your household

Suggested donation $12.50 per adult
Suggested donation $5.00 covers all the children in your household

Suggested donation is $12.50 per adult
Suggested donation of $5.00 covers all the children in your household
4. Payment
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Mon, December 11 2023 28 Kislev 5784